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Rex Pest Control is one of the leading professional Cockroaches pest control Service in India. All love cleanliness, Freshness, safe and tidy house where not a single disease spreading insect be there. But those roaches come from grocery bags, with laundry or in some other cases, wandering from outside, even from one apartment to other so our house must have Cockroach pest control service for at least every 5 months. Once cockroaches are established in our house, they are capable to breed a million offspring in a year. In our gel treatment, there is no special preparation on the part where we have to apply and resident can stay there during and after the treatment as our gel is herbal. There is not any specific time of our service we start the treatment the time when you are satisfied.

pest control services for cockroaches

It is believed by all and proved by the World Health Organization that cockroaches spread nearly 33 different diseases because they are mostly closed to food and water. They are commonly found in homes, restaurant, buildings, etc. They prefer the warm weather close to the food and water. So, they travel through Water Pipes, beside of Gas pipes, electrical pipes, etc. Our service will definitely satisfy you if not, and then we arrange a revisit, but never leave your place with those roaches. Our service may not give any side effects to the person present there and it is obvious that our pesticides are approved by the government. Some people think that service is a waste of time as they’re thinking about cockroach comes again in a few days. But such thought is wrong, such insects need professional services to exterminate pest for a living and we provide such type of service. On hearing pest control service, people think about the cost, but the family member’s health is more important than money. But also we always provide the best services with affordable prices.

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